Let’s Talk About STRESS!!!

Stress is inevitable in life, and it comes from many avenues.  From the pressures we place on ourselves, to deadlines at work, to family and emotional stressors, and everything in between.  Stress can be one of the most debilitating forces on our overall health, energy level, and ability to thrive. 


Prolonged stress is toxic to your body.  Chronic elevations in adrenaline and cortisol can increase blood pressure and damage blood vessels, which increases your risk for serious cardiovascular diseases.  It can also lead to anxiety, impaired sleep, immune system compromise, and weight gain.  Endless research studies have documented the effects of chronic stress on human health and well-being. 

So how do we find ways to stress less?

It begins with a choice to be mindful in your approach and to begin engaging in habits that reduce your stress.  Tackling stress now will free up energy for you to be productive in the areas of your life where you want to make improvements.

Cultivate Mindfulness:  Bring your awareness into the present moment.  Do a body scan and notice if you are tense in your shoulders, if your teeth are clenched, or your fist is tight.  Notice what is happening in your body and do a simple deep breathing activity for immediate stress relief in that moment of high stress.  This can be done anywhere at anytime, and nobody even needs to know you are doing it!

Practice Gratitude:  Spend time acknowledging the many good things in your life when you feel overwhelmed by stress.  This will shift your energy, calm your nervous system, and allow you to think more clearly about the challenges you are facing.  Surround yourself with inspiration from nature and reflect upon all of the positive influences in your life.

Embrace Healthier Eating Habits:  The foods you eat can cause stress in your body’s tissues and organs.  Decreasing your intake of foods that cause systemic inflammation and increasing your intake of foods that support your immune system are steps in the right direction.  Focus on increasing intake of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.  Choose whole foods over processed products high in sugar, fat, & salt.  Create a kitchen set-up that makes it easy to prepare healthy meals and stock your pantry to support healthy eating choices. 

Incorporate Regular Exercise into your life:  Exercise is proven to reduce stress hormones in the body and stimulate endorphins.  It increases energy & mood, as well as improves sleep quality.  Whether it is restorative yoga or a heart pounding cardio workout, exercise is a powerful way to lower your stress.  Dedicate space in your home to engage in regular exercise and store any necessary equipment needed to pursue your passions.  Don’t forget to put mindful details into your home that will assist you in muscle recovery after a good workout.  Follow up intense activity with a cool tub to reduce inflammation or choose a steam shower to reduce muscle soreness. 

Meditate:  It is one of the most effective stress relieving tools.  Meditation requires practice to strengthen our ability to be present and not get distracted by our thoughts.  Think about carving out a space in your home where you can sit quietly to meditate and breathe.  It is a game changer if you stick with it consistently. 

Did you know that you can re-design your home to support healthy habits and encourage stress relief?  We can help in personalized ways that are meaningful to you & your family!